7-9 October 2020, 19th Wroclaw Symposium on Questioned Document Examination

  • 24.
  • 04.
  • 2020

Department of Forensic Sciences Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, University of Wroclaw (Poland) on 7 – 9 October 2020 will organize International Scientific Conference “19th Wroclaw Symposium on Questioned Document Examination”. 

The main subjects of the Symposium are: 

  1. New methods of handwriting and questioned document examination.
  2. Innovative solutions of security printing.
  3. Document security features and their verification.
  4. Contemporary trends in questioned document examination.
  5. Contemporary trends in handwriting examination.
  6. Handwriting examination versus graphology.
  7. Examination of initials and graphometry.
  8. Pathology of handwriting examination. 
  9. Examination of signatures.
  10. Specific character of testament examination.
  11. Current issues of questioned document examination (physical, chemical analysis of ink, paper, toner, cross strokes, indented writing).
  12. Ink dating examination (current problems with destructive and non-destructive methods).
  13. Qualifications of an expert witness.
  14. International cooperation of questioned document examination. 

It will be a great chance to develop the abilities and experiences in the forensic division.

Please find more information at the 19WSQDE2020 on web site: www.wsbp.uni.wroc.pl