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  • 2021

On June 9-10, 2022, Wroclaw will host 20th symposium on questioned document examination. The symposium will be conducted from the studio. The on-line transmission will take the form of a conference. The Organizer’s goal is to provide as many speakers as possible in the studio, and if this is not possible, connect with the remote connection. The conference will be broadcast live in high quality via a dedicated server. The participants of the symposium will have access to streams with language versions: Polish, English. During the conference, it will be possible to actively take part in the discussion. The conference participant will recieve a personal individual access code to the symposium platform.

Symposium will be attended by experts on document examination from Austria, Australia, Brasil, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, India, Lithuania, Latvia, Lebanon, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, USA and many Polish guests representing major universities and non-academic centers, such as police forensic laboratories, Institute of Forensic Research in Kraków as well as independent experts. They will be joined by representatives of areas related to forensic science – especially penal procedure, criminology, psychology, psychiatry, forensic physics, forensic chemistry.

The main subjects of the Symposium are:

– contemporary trends in questioned document examination;

– contemporary trends in handwriting examination;

– handwriting examination versus graphology;

– examination of initials and graphometry;

– pathology in handwriting examination;

– examination of signatures;

– examination of biometric electronic signatures;

– specific character of testament examination;

– issues of questioned document examination (physical and chemical analysis of ink, toner, paper, indented writing, cross strokes);

– age of documents (global problems with destructive and non-destructive methods);

– innovative solutions of security printing;

– document security features and verification;

– control of qualifications of an expert witness;

– international cooperation of questioned document research.


For detailed information regarding the conference, see the website: