• 04.
  • 03.
  • 2022

We, members of the Lithuanian Society of Criminalists, the Polish Forensic Association and the Congress of Criminalists (Ukraine), as the signatories of the Palanga Memorandum, which main goal was to unite efforts of European scientists and practitioners for ensuring security and peacefulness of European continent, were shocked by the unprovoked and unlimited aggression of Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus, starting a real war without declaring it against an independent state, Ukraine. In Ukraine, not only military units are being attacked and bombed, but critical infrastructure is being barbarically destroyed, including residential areas, and civilians and even children are being killed. In this way, not only does the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus violate the basic principles of international cooperation and the norms of international law, but the leaders of the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus pose a threat to the whole world, at the same time pushing their country to the margins of history.

Ukrainian people defend not only their country, the nation, but also the independence of other European countries, as well as the fundamental principles of international law: democracy, human rights and freedom, the rule of law and our common security for now and for the future of all humanity.

We call on our colleagues to use all efforts to stop the Russian and Belarusian aggression against their closest neighbor state, to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine overcome the hardships of war, to show how important is to be real friends, to be together now. For our and your freedom, for our common future in the EU, for our common plans and aspirations.