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Welcome to International Research and Practice Juridical Journal
“A First Printed Criminalist”!

The purpose of “A First Printed Criminalist” is to popularize criminalist knowledge, draw attention to discussions, provide information about the most important events for the law enforcement, protection of human rights from illegitimate actions. The need for this publication is justified by the fact that it is about research, its achievements and possibilities. This journal is a way of communication for criminalists from different countries. Criminalistics is a subject that knows no borders.


“A First Printed Criminalist” has two issues per each year. It welcomes original and high-quality contributions including regular papers, short papers, tutorials, book reviews and surveys, and also research events and new legislation reviews.


ISSN: 2220-7473

“A First Printed Criminalist” is co-published by

INGO “Criminalists Congress”

Yaroslav the Wise National Law University

Apostille Publishing House LLC