Recommendation for articles and other materials publishing in International Research and Practice Juridical Journal
“A First Printed Criminalist”

● An author can choose the language for giving publication: Ukrainian, English, German, French and Russian.

● Publication volume may be different. In some cases volume must be discussed with the Editorial Board.

● The text of an article must be accompanied with the abstract and reference for the author’s degree, academic rank, position, title and the author’s individual digital quality photo.

● The text of an article traditionally includes: brief abstract, 5-7 key words, introduction, 2 or more article’s chapters, conclusions, references and information about author.

● Publication must be corresponded with Journal Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.

● All articles that correspond to the Journal’s profile are send for double-blind peer review. Reviewing can be performed by members of the Editorial Board and outside experts, who determine the development of science.

● Review must contain evaluation of the article quality, information about creativity and innovative character of the article, and comply with Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement. The review should contain specific conclusions about pluses and minuses of the article. The final qualification for publishing must be either ‘Recommended’ or ‘Recommended for publishing provided that the author eliminates the minuses pointed out by the reviewer’ or ‘Not recommended’.

● The expert returns his review to the Editorial Board within 15 days. The Editorial Board sends to the author its motivated conclusions based on review immediately by e-mail.

● Materials must be sent to e-mail: