14th International Congress “Criminalistics and Forensic Expertology: Science, Studies, Practice”

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  • 2018

On 13-15 September 2018 in Odesa (Ukraine) National University «Odessa Law Academy» held 14 International Congress «Criminalistics and forensic expertology: science, studies, practice». Lithuanian Criminalistic Association, International Non-Governmental Organization «Criminalists Congress», Mykolas Romeris University, and National University «Odessa Law Academy» were organizers of the event. Criminalists and forensic experts, representatives of scientific criminalistic school from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, USA were participants of the Congress.

Participants of 14th Congress in Odessa (Ukraine)

Scientific event held in plenary sessions and poster presentations. Working languages of the Congress – English, Ukrainian, and Russian. Topic of the event were devoted to next directions: 1) the process of globalization and internationalization of criminality; 2) the need for international harmonization of scientific research in the field of criminalistics and forensic expertology; 3) the role and place of non-government international organizations in the development of criminalisitcs and forensic examination; 4) special knowledge as an instrument for implementation of scientific achievements into the process of pre-trial investigation and judicial proceedings; 5) criminalistical metodics the traditional path of development of crime investigation or the way of implementation of contemporary management methods?; 6) the problematic issues of the development of certain directions in forensic examination; 7) the innovative methods within criminalistic and forensic didactics.

On 15 September 2018 President of National Univesrsity «Odessa Law Academy» Serhiy Kivalov opened International Congress. Welcoming speech were pronounced by Prof. Dr. Hendryk Malevski and Prof. Dr. Snieguole Matuliene (from Lithuanian Criminalistic Association and Mykolas Romeris University), Prof. Hab. Dr. Valery Shepitko (from International Non-Governmental Organization «Criminalists Congress»), Prof. Hab. Dr. Valery Tischenko (from National University «Odessa Law Academy»). Before the beginning of the plenary session participants of the event were photographed near the main building of the University. 

Prof. Dr. Vidmantas Egidijus Kurapka speech

Prof. Dr. Hendryk Malevski (Lithuania) and Prof. Hab. Dr. Valery Shepitko (Ukraine) were moderators of the plenary session. Scientific reports during this session made by: Prof. Hab. Dr. Valery Shepitko (Ukraine) – «Tasks of criminalistics in the Context of Global Threats and Evolutionary Transformations of Crime»; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marek Frystak and MSc. David Cep (Czech Republic) – «Impacts of Global Issues on Local Criminality in the Czech Republic ~ Islamic Phobia»;  Dr. Jan Provaznik (Czech Republic) – «Wiretapping in the Terrorism Cases in the ECHR’s Case Law»; Prof. Hab. Dr. Valery Tischenko (Ukraine) – «Strategic and Tactical Levels of Investigation of Crime: Essence and Importance»;  Prof. Hab. Dr. Ireneusz Soltyszewski and Dr. Alicja Tomaszewska (Poland) – «GeNN Innovative Project in Matters of the Search and the Identification of Missing Persons»; Prof. Dr. Vidmantas Egidijus Kurapka, Prof. Dr. Snieguole Matuliene, Doc. Dr. Gabriele Juodkaite-Granskiene. Doc. Dr. Andrej Gorbatkov (Lithuania) – «Criminalistics of Lithuania 1918-2018»; Dr. Gediminas Buciunas (Lithuania) – «The Effectiveness of Pre-trial Investigation. How Much Do Simple Mistakes Cost for the State’s Budget?». First day of the event were ended with gala dinner, where participants of the Congress could continued their discussions.

Dr. Mykhaylo Shepitko speech

Prof. Dr. Vidmantas Egidijus Kurapka (Lithuania) and Prof. Hab. Dr. Valery Tischenko (Ukraine) were moderators of plenary session of second day of the Congress. Scientific reports during this session made by: Rasa Tamosiunaite (Lithuania) – «Handwriting examination in Forensic Science center of Lithuania: Present Actions and Future Vision»; Bakhtiyar Aliyev (Azerbaijan) – «Main Directions of the Struggle against Religious Extremists Activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan»; Hab. Dr. Ella Simakova-Yefremyan (Ukraine) – «Legal Regulation Issues of Forensic and Expert Activities in New Legislation of Ukraine»; Dr. Mykhaylo Shepitko (Ukraine) – «Automatic Systems, Promoted Counteraction to Crimes Against Justice»; MSc Katarzyna Ćwik (Poland) – «Police Officer’s DNA on Crime Scene Samples – Problem or Elimination Challenge?»; Dr Kateryna Latysh  (Ukraine) – «Cyber Vandalism: Concept and Types». Next part of plenary session were made by Prof. Hab. Dr. Jaroslaw Moszczinski (Poland) and Dr. Mykhaylo Shepitko (Ukraine) as a moderators. Scientific reports during this session made by: Prof. Hab. Dr. Jaroslaw Moszczinski (Poland) – «Individual Identification in Cryminalism – is that Helpful?»; Dr. Valeriia Dyntu (Ukraine) – «Darcknet as a New Technology of Criminal Activity»; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elita Nimande and Dr. Vladimirs Terehovics (Latvia) – «Peculiarities of the Tactics of Inspection in Accordance with Criminal Procedure in Latvia»; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marcela Lukasova and Dr. Katarina Kandova (Czech Republic) – «Specifics of Investigation of the Road Traffic Accidents»; Prof. Hab. Dr. Victor Shevchuk (Ukraine) – «Formation of Tactical Operations in Criminalistics: Discussion Problems»; Prof. Dr. Pavlos Kipouras (Greece) – «Elements of Graphological Inconsistency of the Forged Testament»; Lina Lyviene and Renata Konarskiene (Lithuania) – «Actualities of Forensic Phonoscopic Examination: Problems and Solutions»; Inna Polischuk (Ukraine)– «The method of Crime as the Main Element of the Criminalistic Characteristics of the Illegal Use of Trademarks».

Dr. Vladimirs Terehovics speech

Last part of plenary session on the second day of the Congress held by the moderation of  Doc. Dr. Gabriele Juodkaite-Granskiene (Lithuania), Dr. Rokas Uscila (Lithuania), Prof. Hab. Dr. Julia Chornous (Ukraine), and Prof. Hab. Dr. Victor Shevchuk (Ukraine). Bruce White (USA) made big scientific report «Understanding and Scoring PLE». Scientific reports during this session made by: Dr. Halyna Avdeeva (Ukraine) – «Forensic Examination in Ukrainian Criminal Procedure: Discussion Questions»; Prof. Dr. Jozef Metenko, MSc. Martin Metenko, Dr. Miriam Metenkova (Slovakia) – «Digital Trace as a Future of Criminalistic»; Prof. Hab. Dr. Julia Chornous and Dr. Olga Lopata (Ukraine) – «Topical Issues of International Cooperation in Forensic Activities», Dr. Edgaras Dereskevicius, Karolis Kurapka (Lithuania) –  «Realization of Adversarial Process Principle of Criminal Procedure Law by Criminalistics Measures: Declarations and Realities» etc. Second day of the event ended by sea trip and city tour for participants of the Congress.

Third day of the event worked by moderation of Prof. Dr. Snieguole Matuliene (Lithunia), Prof. Dr. Hendryk Malevski (Lithuania) and Prof. Hab. Dr. Valery Shepitko (Ukraine). After scientific reports there were final discussions. Moderators summarized  results of 14 International Congress “Criminalistics and forensic expertology: science, studies, practice”. In the end of it the congress resolution was adopted by participants of the event. Organizers announced next 15th congress will be in Kaunas (Lithuania) – 19-21 September 2019.

The Congress brief

was prepared by

Prof. Dr. H. Malevski,

Dr. M. Shepitko.