X Cuban Criminalistic Techniques Symposium “TECNICRIM – 2018” and III Biometric Identification Meeting

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  • 2018

On 18-20 September 2018 X Symposium of the Cuban criminalistics technology «TECNICRIM – 2018» and the III Meeting on Biometric Identification were held in the Palace of Congresses of Cuba in Havana (Cuba).

This 10th meeting was organizing within the framework of the final stage of the process of updating and certification of the Cuban criminalistics methodology apparatus. The nine previous symposiums made a valuable contribution to the development of Cuban criminalistics. The event in the form of Symposium and a Meeting provided an exceptional opportunity to expand the interchange and strengthen cooperation between specialists and international forensic systems, which facilitated the exchange of experience between experts and suppliers of specialized technology from different countries. Criminalists and forensic experts from Argentina, Belarus, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Spain and USA arrived at events to achieve these goals.

Participants TECNICRIM 2018

«TECNICRIM – 2018» was opened on 18 September 2018. Leaders of the Ministry of the Interior, the court system and the Academy of Sciences of Cuba were in the presidium of the Symposium. The head of the Criminalistics Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Antonio MesaSantana opened scientific event. After that, the National Choir of Cuba sang the anthem and other national melodies.

National Choir of Cuba

The following reports were heard at the inaugural session: «The impact of science on the judicial process» (Ariel Mantecón Ramos); «The mission of the company «Datys» and its impact on the Cuban criminalistic techniques»; «Digital examination in crime investigation in Cuba» (Ernesto Pico Abello).

X Symposium «TECNICRIM – 2018» was accompanied by an exhibition of books and the achievements of criminalistic techniques.

Criminalistic Techniques Exhibition

More detailed information on web-sites: www.tecnicrim.co.cu/home.aspx; https://www.supernewsworld.com/Tecnicrim-2018-6672643.html

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