International Congress «Criminalistics and Forensic Expertology: Science, Studies, Practice»

  • 25.
  • 09.
  • 2019

19-21 September 2019 in Kaunas (Lithuania) was held XV International Congress «Criminalistics and Forensic Expertology: Science, Studies, Practice». Organizers of the event are Criminalists’ Association of Lithuania, Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania and Mykolas Romeris University. 140 participants from 17th countries took part in International Congress: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA. Official languages of the congress are Lithuanian, English and Russian (with synchronic translation). As a result of the event it was published 2 volumes collection of scientific articles.

Main topics of the congress were given during the Congress: 1) Innovative methods in didactics of criminalistics and forensic expertology; 2) Special knowledge as measure for implementation of modern scientific achievement into legal proceedings; 3) Perspectives of polygraph and psychophysiological investigations – legal regulation and practices; 4) Modern digital technologies in criminalistics and forensic science – digitalisation of the procedures; 5) Peculiarities of modern methods of criminalistics; 6) Modern tactics of criminalistics – novelties of subjects; 7) Tactics of criminalistics – strategy of criminalistics – politics of criminalistics? 8) Perspectives of common international scientific programmes – time is short; 9) Classical theory of criminalistics and modern practices.

prof. Josef Metenko

International Congress included coffee breaks, lunches and gala dinners, where participants discussed results of the Congress in non-formal conditions. Next 16th International Congress will hold in Bratislava (Slovakia) in September 2020