Forensic Europe Expo

  • 03.
  • 05.
  • 2019

On 5-6 March 2019 in London (Great Britain) was held Forensic Europe Expo 2019. This event is one of the most important forums for discussion for the international forensics and digital forensics communities.

The theme of the FEE 2019 Conference was “Recapturing excellence in forensic science” and reflects the call of the UK Forensic Science Regulator Dr. Gillian Tully, to refocus forensics science standards and ensure that forensic professionals and researchers will be equipped with the tools and frameworks necessary to effectively carry out their vital role in the criminal justice system.

This year, organizers called on leading experts and innovators from law enforcement, industry and academia to share with the delegation the latest challenges and solutions surrounding forensics investigation. Topics of special interest for 2019 included: 1) DNA phenotyping; 2) 3-D fingerprinting; 3) Next generation identification; 4) Portable forensics labs; 5) Microbiomic identification; 6) Morphometrics; 7) Machine learning algorithms; 8) Forensic genealogy; 9) Wildlife forensics and animal conservation; 10) New training methods e.g. virtual autopsy’s.

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