IX International Scientific Conference “Archibald Reiss Days“

  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 2019

On 6-7 November 2019 in Belgrade (Serbia) was hold IX International Scientific Conference “Archibald Reiss Days“. Scientific event was organized by the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies (UCIPS) in Belgrade (Serbia), in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, National Police University of China, Volgograd Academy of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, Faculty of Security in Skopje, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security in Ljubljana, Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza“ in Bucharest, Academy of Police Force in Bratislava and University of Banja Luka Faculty of Security Science. Topics of the conference were devoted to next areas:

1) Criminalistic and Criminal Justice Aspects in Solving and Proving of Criminal Offences

2) Police Organization – Structure and Functioning

3) Contemporary Security Challenges

4) Social, Economic and Political Flows of Crime

5) Forensic Linguistics and Language for Specific Purposes

6) Informatics and Applied Mathematics in Forensic, Cybercrime and Security Sciences

7) Innovative Techniques and Equipment in Forensic Engineering

8) Effects of Physical Activity on Anthropological Status in Security of Agency Personnel

First time in the history of the conference, a section for young scientists was presented at the scientific event.

Participants of the conference “Archibald Reiss Days” (6 November 2019)

In total, 73 scientific reports of prominent representatives of science and police and government officials from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Switzerland were presented at the conference. Scientific reports were devoted to the problems of criminalistics, forensic sciences, police sciences, security and social sciences.

More detailed information

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