• 08.
  • 10.
  • 2020

On October 7-8, 2020, the 19th Wroclaw Writing Research Symposium was held in Wroclaw. The organizer of the event is the Department of Criminalistics of the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics of the University of Wroclaw.

Themes “XIX Wroclaw Writing Research Symposium”:

  1. The newest directions of complex research of documents.
  2. Practice and development trends of technical research of documents.
  3. Actual problems of examination and new methods of document research.
  4. Modern trends in the development of research on writing and handwriting.
  5. Graphology and autoscience (linguistic) expertise.
  6. Psychology and pathology of writing.
  7. Research of full and abbreviated signatures.
  8. Examination of wills.
  9. Changes in the Polish Criminal Procedure Code and their impact on the expert’s opinion.
  10. The problem of the level of qualifications of experts.
  11. Protection of documents and methods of verifying their authenticity.

The conference was attended by renowned scientists representing leading Polish universities, as well as experts and specialists from research institutions, including those from the Institute of Forensic Science. Jan Zan in Krakow, Central Forensic Laboratory – Research Institute of the General Directorate of Police in Warsaw, the Polish Criminalistic Society, experts from the forensic laboratories of the provincial police departments, the Polish National Bank, etc., as well as specialists in the field of document research from such countries as: England, Austria, Argentina, Czech Republic, Brazil. Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, Germany, India, Latvia, Romania, Belarus, Lithuania, Israel, USA, Mexico, Hungary.

The conference was also attended by representatives of disciplines related to forensic science – in particular, criminal procedure, civil procedure, criminology, psychology, psychiatry, as well as chemistry and physics. The conference was attended by representatives of the legal profession – judges, prosecutors, lawyers, legal advisers and notaries.