• 23.
  • 09.
  • 2022

On September 8-10, 2022, Vilnius (Lithuania) hosted the XVIII International Congress “Criminalistics and Forensic Expertology: Science, Studies, Practice”. More than 80 participants from ten countries registered to participate in the Congress. 30 reports were included in the Congress program.

The Congress was devoted to consideration of modern achievements and trends in the development of criminalistics. Four plenary meetings were held.

The participants of the congress were: Valery Shepitko (prof. habil. dr., President of the International Congress of Criminalists, Ukraine), Egidijus Kurapka (prof. dr., Lithuania), Henryk Malewski (prof. dr., Lithuania), Snieguole Matuliene (prof. dr., President of the Lithuanian Society of Criminalists), Mieczyslaw Goc (prof. habil. dr., President of the Polish Society of Criminalistics), Tadeusz Tomaszewski (prof. habil. dr., Poland), Marek Frystak (prof. dr., Czech Republic), Józef Metenko (prof. dr., Slovakia), Mykhaylo Shepitko (prof. habil. dr., Ukraine), Gabriele Juodkaite-Granskiene (assoc. prof. dr., Lithuania), Raivo Epik (prof. dr., Estonia), Silke Brodbeck (Doctor of Medicine, Germany), Gia Dekanozishvili (prof. dr., Georgia) and others.

The introductory part of the Congress was devoted to congratulating the famous criminologist, one of the organizers of the Lithuanian Society of Criminalists, member of the International Congress of Criminalists, professor of Mykolas Romeris University Egidijus Kurapka on his 70th birthday. In his honor, a special edition of “Liberis Amicorum” was published, and he was also awarded the Manns medal for outstanding contributions to the development and popularization of criminalistics.

An important stage of the Congress was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Lithuanian Society of Criminalists, which was emphasized by the president of the Lithuanian Society of Criminalists, Snieguole Matuliene, who reported on the significant achievements of Lithuanian forensic scientists and noted the need to continue the formation of a single European forensic space in the form of a union of European forensics associations.

During the Congress, there were reports and discussions on new areas of development of criminalistics and forensic sciences: nuclear forensics, forensic policy and forensic strategy, use of polygraph during investigation and detection of false testimony, investigation of war crimes, digital traces, etc. At the end of the scientific event, the organizers announced that the next Congress will be held in 2023 in Brno (Czech Republic).

Additional information can be found at the link: https://www.mruni.eu/news/mru-ivyks-xviii-asis-tarptautinis-kongresas-kriminalistika-ir-teismo-ekspertologija-mokslas-studijos-praktika/.