• 17.
  • 09.
  • 2021

On 16-17 September 2021 Academy of Police Forces in Bratislava, Slovak Criminalists’ Society, Criminalists’ Association of Lithuania and Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania organized 17th International congress “Criminalistics and forensic expertology: science, studies, practice” in online mode. More than 100 participants from Austria, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine took part in this event. Moderator of the Congress was Prof. Dr. Jozef Metenko (Bratislava, Slovakia). Language of the event was English.

Topics of the event were defined:

  • Application of specific knowledge from technical sciences to criminalistics. Specific and special methods.
  • Trends in the development of methods and procedures in the tactics of Criminalistic.
  • A common space of Criminalistic and forensic sciences? The importance of governmental and non-governmental structures.
  • Criminalistics theory and alternative theories of Criminalistic.
  • Perspectives of digitization in Criminalistic and forensic practice.
  • Use of special knowledge in criminalistics procedures.
  • The influence of Criminalistic and forensic sciences on the development of legal regulation.
  • Practical education in the didactics of Criminalistic and forensic.
  • Trends in criminalistics methodics / Theory of investigation, in the investigation of criminal offenses.
  • Is there a unified forensic science in Europe? Forensic research and support in court proceedings.
  • The mutual influence of Criminalistic and Criminology.

As a result of the congress organizers published traditional Collection of scientific reports and prepared certificates. First time for the Congresses, organizers asked participants to vote for the best presentation, lecture and poster. After the voting organizers informed participants about next result:

best presentation – «Liquid latex lifting for the  securing of bloodstains, dactyloscopy and DNA after arson», Silke Brodbeck (Germany);

best lecture – «The formation of digital criminalistics as a strategic direction for the development o science», Valery Shepitko, Mykhaylo Shepitko (Ukraine), and «The use of the method of forensic intelligence in solving crimes», Roman Perthes, Nuger Alexander (Israel);

best poster – «A Consistent methodology for forensic photogrammetry scanning of dead bodies using a single handheld DSLR camera», Máté Metzger, Gergely Gárdonyi, Zsolt Újvári (Hungary), and «Hans Gross Centre of Interdisciplinary Criminal Science (ZIK)», Nina Kaiser (Austria).


Organizers decided to hold next 18th International cоngress “Criminalistics and Forensic Expertology: Science, Studies, Practice” in Vilnius, Lithuania (September, 2022).