Interpol Firearm Forensics Symposium – IFFS 2015

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  • 2015

On 7-9 October 2015 in Singapore Interpol hosted Firearm Forensics Symposium – IFFS 2015. Reviewing trends in firearm violence and recommending international best practices to combat firearm-related crimes were among the areas of the event focus.


The three-day forum, organized jointly with Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology, brought together 250 law enforcement officers, ballistic experts and forensic scientists from 67 countries to explore advances in forensic firearm analysis and how to turn such analysis into practical intelligence.

Topics discussed during the conference, held at the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI), include data collection techniques, gun tracing, ballistic identification, the costs of gun crime, enhancing regional cooperation and information sharing, gun crime intelligence management and reviewing successful cases.


The importance of all member countries using Interpol’s global firearms tools and services – including the Interpol Illicit Arms Records and Tracing Management System (iARMS) and the Interpol Ballistic Information Network (IBIN) – was highlighted.
iARMS facilitates information exchange and cooperation between law enforcement agencies on firearm-related crime, while IBIN provides a global platform for the collection, sharing and comparison of ballistic data. IBIN contains more than 600,000 exhibits and has identified links between some 70 previously unconnected crime scenes. The participants also discussed the importance of making gun crime a global policy priority.

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